Version 3.1 Released

We’ve made many improvements in this 3.1 update, see below for a list of changes.


  • Added the option to allow users to use their Bypass Captcha API details
  • Added send email to all users function in admin panel
  • Added search and sort function in Manage Users section
  • Added the option to limit one signup per IP address
  • “Add a New Website” page now supports spin syntax and unlimited variations
  • Fixed a few PHP 5.3 compatible issues
  • Improved cURL fetching directories function
  • Improved Death by Captcha and Decaptcher API integration
  • Fixed admin logout redirect issue in Firefox
  • Fixed “Use text for logo” issue
  • Interface improvements

Version 3 users can download this update from their user area for free. To upgrade, log in to your user area and click the download script link(it’s the latest one). After you’ve downloaded the script you need to do the followings:

1. Delete these 2 folders from your old installation

2. Upload everything from the script file you just downloaded to your server to replace the old files.
*IMPORTANT – If you have made changes to your template then you will need to apply the 3.1 changes to your modified template before copying the files over.

3. Set the permission of the temp folder to 777.

4. Run the upgrade program to update database (

That’s it, hope you guys enjoy this update. Look forward to hearing your feedback.

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