Should You Submit Links to Premium Link Directories?

So you’ve just launched a brand new website and wondering how you can promote it on the net? Well, if you’ve been reading some marketing blogs or eBooks you know that directory submission is the very first task you need to do. There are free and premium directories on the Web. If you can afford to spend a few hundred dollars on directory submission then I would recommend you to submit your website link to free and premium directories. Premium link directories will normally approve your website link sooner and some allow you to link to the sub-pages (this is called deep linking).

The cost to submit your link to premium link directories is ranging from $10 to $300. So if your budget is low you should submit to a couple of cheaper directories instead of one expensive directory. You will benefit more this way because the links are coming from different IP addresses. Also, the number of links on the same page matters a lot. This is why you need to check the category page before submitting your link. Premium link directories usually don’t have as many links on the same page as the free ones do, which means your link will hit a lot harder.

Premium link directories are human edited and because they required payment they have far less spam links than the free directories. Having said that, it’s always a good idea to click on a few links to see the type of websites they accepted before sending off the payment. If the majority of websites you see are new and/or have PageRank zero then you need look elsewhere. A quality link directory should have quality websites. This is the reason why you should never outsource this to someone else. You need to manually check each directory, otherwise you will be getting a link that pass you no values at all.

Submitting links to premium link directories is not same as submitting to free link directories. With the latter, you can use automated directory submission tools to handle most of the work for you, or you can use an online service to do the submission for you. With premium link directories, you really have to do it yourself and spend at least two to three minutes checking each one. The extra time and effort spent is well worth it because the link power you get from these premium link directories is many times more than the free ones.

Before you start submitting your website to premium link directories you should have a list of keywords you want to target and have them mapped out for each page. Since many premium link directories allow you to submit deep links, you should do so whenever possible. Building links to the sub-pages will make your website rank for more long keywords, therefore more visitors. Not only that, your link profile will look more natural to the search engines.

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